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Benefits of membership

Benefits of membership

What are the benefits of membership in the AMT?

A brief look at the benefits:

• Information about science and the latest news on microbiological therapy

• 2 patient magazines per year for the practice

• Participation in AMT seminars, free of charge

• AMT member meetings for exchanging information and for further education

• Reduced entry fee to the Baden-Baden medicine week


The members are the lifeblood of every association, but each association exists for the purposes of its members. It’s all about give and take. The stronger an association is, the more it can do for its members. Our role is primarily to consult people affiliated with the Microbiological Therapy Research Association. If there are issues related to the performance of microbiological treatment - in other words, the application of microbiological preparations - the production and application of autoinoculations (AVI) and the handling of sample materials, and if advice is required on issues relating to further diagnosis, you are welcome to come to us, even outside of official hotline hours. This is the “deluxe hotline version”. It is also a particular concern of ours to keep up to date as much as possible with the latest developments and research findings. The implementation of justified claims for cost reimbursement for your patients is also very important to us. We are ready to provide you with support.

The Microbiological Therapy Research Association is a community of interests for like-minded people. The regular exchange of experience in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, to which you are invited free of charge, is a matter of course for the Microbiological Therapy Research Association. You also receive discounts on conferences, seminars and congresses.







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