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Microbiological therapy in dentistry


Constantly recurring inflammatory diseases in the mouth are often the result of a chronic infection which the immune system cannot handle. This applies to gum diseases in particular (periodontitis), for which traditional medicine has, as of yet, no convincing sustainable treatment concepts. Constantly newly-developed courses of antibiotics do not take into account long-term recovery, rather the opposite.

Autoinoculations can have a positive influence on inflammatory responses of the periodontum, which lead to osteoporosis in the jaw and tooth loss (“immune modulation”), meaning the symptoms of inflammations are noticeably relieved! Control examinations after autoinoculation treatment can be carried out less often because susceptibility to diseases is reduced, and not only in the oral area.


What is particularly promising is the performance of autoinoculations within the framework of preventative medicine. The link between periodontitis and general illnesses has been documented and is currently the subject of a large-scale study in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (SHIP study). Those who are not at risk from periodontitis are also less at risk from heart diseases and (adult onset) diabetes. Bad breath can be traced to odour-creating bacteria in the mouth with over 90% of those affected. Probiotics and autoinoculations in connection with professional teeth cleaning and, if necessary, further periodontological measures put an end to this illness which is considered taboo, and with a high probability of success.

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