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The importance of microbiological therapy for natural medicine for women


All the mucosae in the human body are border points. These are locations where the body differentiates between natural and foreign bodies, what is “useful, beneficial and supportive to the body” and what is “threatening and damaging”. Important elements of this ability to differentiate, to decide, are the bacteria associated with the mucosae. In the vagina, these are lactic acid bacteria.

A sufficient number of these lactobacilli create an acidic environment in the vagina, where any possible invaders such as yeast fungi (Candida species) or bacteria cannot get the upper hand. In addition to this, it is important not only that a sufficient number of lactobacilli are present but also that these bacteria exercise their ability to create acid – an ability which only special strains possess. The acidic pH value in the vagina is now also an important adjustable factor against bacteria which otherwise cannot grow very often in this environment. This knowledge is what makes microbiological therapy important. Through a targeted substitution of these hydrogen-producing lactobacilli, regular vaginal flora can be created and therefore carry on its protective function. This can even be carried out through localised substitution in the vagina, or also orally, as all the mucosae in the body communicate with each other. With recurring vaginal infections and the accompanying gastro-intestinal pain, as well as with other illnesses which are related to a breakdown in the gut flora, an assessment of the gut flora is also sensible. Microbiological therapy can then reconstruct the gut as the cause of an incorrectly-functioning immune system or, with fungal infection in the gut, also clean up the source of the Candida. This is how the principle of the therapy affects the different mucosal systems in the body in a positive manner.

And so, just like on a whole-body level, where it is never just one part of the body which can be examined or healed, illnesses often cannot be treated without taking into consideration their psychological backgrounds or consequences. Chronic vaginal infections mean an enormous amount of distress and despair for those affected by them - not least, sexuality and partners are also affected as a result. Even so, problems in this area can also lead to an incorrect composition in the vaginal flora through impairment of the mucosal immune system. The knowledge around these correlations makes it easier for those affected, such as doctors, to handle this sensitive issue.

Accompanying microbiological therapy, natural medicine also offers a multitude of possibilities in the treatment of vaginal infections and of the incorrect composition of vaginal fluids. This method allows a cautious and gentle course of treatment for diseases and leaves behind lasting results.

Area of application for microbiological therapy in natural medicine for women:

• vaginal infections, even in chronic and recurrent cases;

• the prevention of premature membrane rupture in pregnancy and therefore the avoidance of premature childbirth through prophylaxis and the treatment of vaginal infections

• prevention of infant neurodermatitis and allergic diathesis through targeted

microbiological therapy of the pregnant mother;

concomitant microbiological therapy for susceptibility to infections, hay fever, intestinal disorders

both for gynaecology patients and for pregnant women;


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