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List of current probiotics and prebiotics

Overview of products available on the market

(no guarantee that this list is complete)

Protective flora:                               Lactic acid bacteria


Lactobacilli:                                     Hylak plus® (liquid, metabolic products)

Omniflora® N (capsules, lyophilisate)

Paidoflor® - capsules – need to be kept refrigerated

Symbiolact A® - hypoallergenic, freeze-dried, do not need to be kept refrigerated

Vagiflor®- vaginal suppository (Lactobacillus acidophilus, H2O2)


Bifido bacteria:                               Symbiolact B® - hypoallergenic, freeze-dried, do not need to be kept refrigerated


Combinations:                                Symbiolact comp® - (L. acidophilus, S. lactis, B. bifidum, L. case¡) - hypoallergenic, freeze-dried, do not need to be
kept refrigerated


Enterococcus:                               Orthomol® (E. faecium)

ProSymbioflor® drops (with dead E. faecalis and E. coli)

Symbioflor 1® drops (E. faecalis)


Coli bacteria:                                 Colibiogen® liquid (albumen-free filtrate)

Mutaflor® Suspension, capsules (E. coli)

ProSymbioflor® drops (with dead E. coli)

Rephalysin® C (dead E. coli, Dragee)

Symbioflor 2® drops (several strains with good effect on the immune system)


Heteroinoculations:                       Arthrokehlan® solution for injection (Propionibacterium acnes)

Broncho-Vaxom® capsule., granulate (multi-bacterial preparation)

Gynatren® - suspension (multi-bacterial preparation)

Luivac® tablet (multi-bacterial preparation)

Uro-Vaxom® capsule (strains of E. coli)

Ribomunyl® granulate, tablets (multi-bacterial preparation)


Autoinoculations:                         Coli-Vaccinen® (SymbioVaccine [also for animals])


SpecialAutoinoculations/ Nosodes: Ganzimmun, Labor Hauss, SymbioVaccin (also for animals)


Heteroinoculations:                      Periodontal agents, SymbioVaccin


Non-symbiotics:                           Saccharomyces boulardii – yeast for bacterial diarrhoea


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